Learn How Much Traffic a Website Gets

Imagine, for example, that you have 100 outreach prospects and that you want to prioritize outreach efforts by starting with those sites that get the most traffic. Not even Google can give you an exact estimate of search volume. There are many methods of Driving traffic to web site.

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics account

The organic search overview report provides a clear picture of how much organic traffic a site receives and what keywords are driving that traffic. This data can be used to identify keywords that bring traffic to your competitors' sites.

Another useful WordPress plugin is Visitor Traffic Real-Time Statistics. This allows you to monitor traffic directly from your WordPress dashboard. This plugin will provide detailed reports on visitors' behavior, including information about their browsers and operating system. You can also analyze search queries and redirects coming from search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. You can monitor up to 5,000 page views per day across 10 websites with a W3Counter free account and view all the usual statistics. You also get the bonus of being able to share your stats with others via widgets on your blog or an API that allows you to build new tools. You can also choose the Pro account for sites that receive a lot of traffic. This allows you to track as many as 1,000,000 views per month.

However, this search should result in their advertising page appearing at the top search results. Quantcast is not available on all websites. However, you can search for sites that use it.

Site checker tools are great for sites that have a lot of traffic. Crazy Egg tracks your traffic and generates a heatmap to show you where visitors are located on your website. It also shows you where they are clicking, scrolling, typing, and where they are going next. This plugin provides insight that only quantitative data can't. The premium version allows your visitors to avoid 404-page errors by using the tools' redirect manager. Focus keyword export also allows you to download a summary of all the keywords that have been used and points out pages that require more optimization. These numbers are not enough to reap the above benefits. It is crucial that traffic numbers are consistently measured over time and accurately.


This allows you to see which pages are most popular on your site so that you can develop new strategies to increase traffic. This information will allow you to track how many people visit your online shop. You can also determine which products are most popular in your online shop so that you can promote them more and increase sales. Track outbound and affiliate traffic, as well as how many people clicked on a download link from your website. The next step is to see key metrics like the number of sessions, page views, average session duration, bounce rate, and site traffic. Sign up for a Google Analytics account to begin tracking website traffic in WordPress.

This information and the keyword's search volumes will allow you to estimate how much traffic each keyword brings your competitors. Log into your Google Analytics account, and navigate to Behavior>>Site Content. You can then choose to view all pages of your website, landing pages, or exit pages. You can track website traffic sources with many reports. This report can be used to track website traffic sources if you have just launched a product or marketing campaign.

The free SEMRush version only allows you to view a small portion of the report. In the Top Pages tab, you can only see the top 10 results for the website that you are looking at. Traffic Analytics is one such tool that can be used for checking competitor website traffic. There are many metrics that provide valuable insight into the website's performance as well as the business's strategies. The JetPack plugin's unique feature is its ability to show you your website traffic and pinpoint areas where you need to improve. It also gives you the tools you need for customizing your site. Site Kit by Google is an official plugin from Google. It allows you to set up and monitor Google Analytics directly from WordPress.

How to Analyze Website Traffic

This shows every step that a user took while visiting your site, along with the page from which they were referred. Simply go to your WordPress dashboard, click on WPForms>>Addons. Next, search for the User Journey Addon and click on it. After you have WPForms installed, and your license verified, you can quickly install and activate User Journey.

We count page views and visits to each site. Then we use data science to determine the site's total traffic and engagement. To understand the popularity of a website and its quality content, you can check their website traffic statistics. To identify the metrics that you should focus on in your marketing strategy, you could look at engagement metrics from competitors and compare them to your site. You can use audience insights to learn about your users' browsing habits. This information can be used to identify potential partner sites, guest posting opportunities, or paid advertising opportunities. The keyword opportunities list can be used to create new content for search engine optimization or to improve the content that is relevant to your audience. These keyword opportunities can be broken down by strategy so that you can concentrate on your top SEO priority.